Blisters in your throat

This patient developed palatal mucosal lesions due to chickenpox.

Strep throat can be extremely painful when swallowing.

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... what happens in your body when you have white bumps in your throat

Health expert needed...whats wrong with my mouth ! I have

examiner.comMost sore throats are viral

Throat Red Bumps On Back

With cobblestone throat you can get blisters and gaps in your throat.

Throat Heres a (gross) images of what strep looks like in your throat ...

Red bumps in the throat is a sign of cobblestone throat.

... throat pictures will show you what cobblestone throat looks like

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Pictures of White Bumps in the Throat

Red bumps on the roof of my mouth? - throat ent gland Ask MetaFilter

Canker Sores Throat Pictures

... someone with strep throat and you have a sore throat it is reasonable